Ankylos Multi-Unit Abutment Adapter

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A client approached PartMaker with the hopes of replacing Ankylos abutments with Nobel Biocare interface multi-unit abutments. The client encountered a patient with Ankylos abutments and he wanted to switch to the Nobel multi unit interface so that he could use his iMetric scanning system. In order to provide the client with a comprehensive solution, both PartMaker and the client had multiple in-depth discussions, finding the balance between customer requirements and patient wellbeing.

After careful consideration, Dr Hart and the team at PartMaker proposed an effective method whereby an adapter for the Ankylos abutment would be created to convert the Ankylos interface to a Nobel Biocare one. This was found to be an ideal solution, and in many cases, a superior one due to its simple implementation and the significant improvement in patient care.

Going into detail, the solution involved designing a Ti base adapter and screw to fit over the Ankylos balance base abutment in order to provide the correct interface for Nobel abutments. As this was an adapter designed to fit over an existing part, it resulted in a slight increase in overall part height. This was a non issue for the client however, as PartMaker wrote digital libraries accounting for the increase in height.

This meant that the client did not need to remove any abutments for the patient and only needed to add the adapters to existing abutments. This helped to reduce procedure complexity and patient discomfort.

This is just one of many examples of the high-end custom work done in the PartMaker workshop. Feel free to contact us at for custom solutions.

PartMaker is a manufacturing company that makes custom dental solutions such as custom screws, abutments, LOCATORĀ® compatible parts, and many more for different systems to service the specific needs of clients and customers. This experience with a wide range of custom products gives PartMaker an upper hand in developing innovative solutions to unique problems.

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