Manufacturing custom, prescription, and obsolete dental parts since 2012.

West Heidelberg is Melbourne’s boutique manufacturing precinct, and home to prestigious education and Healthcare facilities, such as LaTrobe University, and the Austin Hospital. PartMaker is an ISO 13485 certified company.

Dental and maxillofacial parts are normally limited to tooth-form “anatomic parts” that are made by traditional lost wax techniques or 3D milling. Most geometric parts, such as screws, implant parts, adapters and screwdrivers, are the domain of the dental giants. PartMaker now offers such parts to dentists and laboratories by prescription.

With the ever increasing number of obsolete dental implant components, it is now possible to have replacement parts to order. Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment a database of modern and historic dental implant dimensions, we can program our Swiss Lathes to produce almost any implant component ever used in dentistry.

Meet the team

Partmaker consists of a diverse and highly skilled team who are committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers.

Our team of engineers are all experienced in quality based manufacturing in biomedical and mechanical engineering, with our operations run by dentally fluent staff who understand the time and customer pressures that drive the dental laboratory and clinical workspaces that our customer operate in.

Our Services

We fuse custom solutions with state of the art equipment.