Brass Stamping Die

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A customer approached PartMaker with a rather interesting project recently. The customer works with an olive grove and winery estate that manufacturers olive oil, and needed a brass stamping die for the letters “B” and “p” to stamp the best before dates on their bottled olive oil products. As this is a relatively new type of part for PartMaker to manufacture, Dr Hart and the customer liaised directly to discuss the specifics as to what exactly needs to be achieved.

The stamping die is intended for use with a C&G labeller for date coding, and uses interchangeable brass parts for each letter/number. The stamping die would be a single piece consisting of the letter “B” and “p” at both ends of the part, and be milled out of brass with one of the CNC machines in the PartMaker workshop as per the labeller requirements.

This is just one the many examples of the high-end custom work that is done in the PartMaker workshop. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us at

PartMaker is a manufacturing company that makes custom dental solutions such as custom screws, abutments, LOCATOR® compatible parts, and many more for different systems to service the specific needs of clients and customers. This experience with a wide range of custom products gives PartMaker an upper hand in developing innovative solutions to unique problems.  

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