Breaking Down PartMaker’s Production

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PartMaker is a manufacturing company that makes custom dental solutions for our valued customers. Recently, we had some renovation work done to improve our factory and in turn, its working environment.

In conjunction with our renovation, we thought it would be a good idea to break down Partmake’s production, showcase certain sections of our factory, and how these sections are used to produce the parts we are proud to sell.

Introducing the different sections of the workshop

As seen from Figure 1, This is a section of the PartMaker Office. We do all our orders, communications and paperwork in a comfortable, quiet environment without interference from the manufacturing machines.

Our operators use the Tornos machines in both figure 1 and 2 according to defined safety procedures to manufacture high quality products. They are used to manufacture screws, screwdrivers, abutments ,and many more dental parts.

In this section of the workshop, we have counting scales and an impulse sealer. We use the counting scales to count large number of items which are then packaged with the help of the impulse sealer to be sent off to our customers.

Moreover, operators use the part inspection station to visually inspect the latest manufactured products. Part inspection is important during the manufacturing process since a flaw in design can waste a whole batch of material and time. Additionally, the operators perform multiple inspection tests to ensure the delivered products conform to our high standards.

The last station we will talk about today is the laser marking station. As its name suggests, our operators use this station to laser mark a wide array of products including our screwdrivers and implant driver sets. Laser marking our products allow for easy identification and use by our customers.


PartMaker is a manufacturing company that requires many moving parts to work together to manufacture our high quality products. As such we take great care in maintaining the functionality of our individual sections of the workshop to help achieve this end.

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