Custom Implant Driver Stand

By |Published On: 1 June 2020|1.2 min read|Views: 125|

Back in December 2019, PartMaker undertook a minor side project to design a custom implant driver stand. This custom product allows us to easily showcase our popular screwdrivers.

The design is based on one of PartMaker’s best selling products, the universal implant screwdriver kit.

These custom implant driver stands were designed to hold 6, 22mm screwdrivers which include the following:

Preliminary Attempts

The pictures above showcase our first few attempts at designing the custom stand and laser marking it with personalised messages. We laser marked the design onto aluminium blocks that had not been anodised.

Final Product

These pictures above showcase the final result on our anodised blocks and mark the end of this small project. A custom implant driver stand is packed together with a 6 piece implant driver set.


PartMaker undertakes many projects to help provide technical solutions and can customise product according to customer needs.

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