Customer Property Catalogue and Storage

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Clients often need to send parts into the PartMaker workshop in order to have custom parts created or replicated due to them being one-off or discontinued / obsolete. Due to the limited nature of these parts, PartMaker recognises the significance of having a proper customer property catalogue and storage process, which will also facilitate the retrieval of these parts when needed.

Customer property is usually received through parcel mail and immediately undergoes a comprehensive process in order to get them registered into the PartMaker inventory system. Everything from the item’s reference number to its specific description is recorded, and a unique SKU given to each individual part. A property label is also generated for each part as means of physical identification. Once the parts are recorded, they go into a MATRIX secure tool management storage unit.

This process is especially important as many of the customer properties are visually alike, which can lead to confusion when retrieving them for use inside the workshop and also the possibility of returning the wrong parts when sending them back to clients.

Storage security is also improved as the property can be tracked through every retrieval and storage event, with specific property access assigned to individual employees also an implementable option. This is in addition to the physical security measures provided by the MATRIX storage cabinet.

This is just one of the many steps that PartMaker takes to offer comprehensive solutions to prospective clients. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us at

PartMaker is a manufacturing company that makes custom dental solutions such as custom screws, abutments, LOCATOR® parts, and many more for different systems to service the specific needs of clients and customers. This experience with a wide range of custom products gives PartMaker an upper hand in developing innovative solutions to unique problems

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