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By |Published On: 29 June 2023|1.1 min read|Views: 234|

A client recently approached PartMaker looking to obtain Novum parts for use with a patient that had them installed some time ago. Novum was the first prefabricated guided implant solution, which has since been replaced by Nobel Biocare Trefoil™. The Novum system was designed for surgeons to place 3 implants and have teeth spread onto screws straight away using a subframe and supra structured. As the system is 20 years old now and obsolete, the client was not able to easily source them.

Novum parts had a frequent issue where surgeons rarely managed to place the implant perfectly, so they suffered from a lot of missteps, such as screws loosening and breaking. In the long term these became implant failure. Sometime around 2010, Nobel Biocare stopped supporting the components, which meant that many patients and dentist are left with few options to manage complications.

PartMaker recognised the need for custom implant parts such as this, and using measurements from failed implants and other hardware, fabricated retrieval components such as impression copings, LOCATOR®s and Multi-Unit Abutments (MUAs). This allows dentists such as our client to manage issues from patients that had obsolete parts installed.

This is just one the many examples of the high-end work that is done in the PartMaker workshop. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us at

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