Milling Verification Tool Set of 6 including Lab Stand


Refining the creation of implant screw channels through milling and printing can pose challenges. PartMaker offers a comprehensive suite of validation tools, empowering you to confirm the precision of your manufacturing process. These inserts fit seamlessly into a Laboratory Screwdriver Handle providing an indispensable means to verify the accuracy of your screw seat geometry.

PLEASE NOTE: The MUA validation tool is based on a genuine NobelBiocare MUA screw which has a 2.00mm head diameter. For other systems, such as Dess, BioHorizons, etc. please be aware that we offer a 2.25mm version that can be substituted on request.

This set includes the following tools:

  • MUA (see description)
  • SRA
  • MIS

If four (4) sets are purchased, a complimentary screwdriver lab handle will be included.