Universal Implant Screwdriver Kit

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One of PartMaker’s most popular products is its Universal Implant Screwdriver Kit. This screwdriver kit contains all you would need to manage your implant restorations.

This screwdriver kit includes 29 screwdriver pieces that are compatible with 95% of the commonly used implant screws which will help give dental practitioners and technicians peace of mind.

The base screwdriver kit comes with three main components which includes the 29 piece screwdriver set, aluminium stand and screwdriver adapter.

29 Piece Screwdriver Set

This list below details the 29 different screwdrivers that come with the kit.

These screwdrivers are made of stainless steel and are hardened through heat treatment to improve their strength. Moreover, they are also laser marked individually to allow easy identification.

Aluminium Stand

Additionally, this clinical kit also includes an anodised aluminium stand for easy storage of the screwdrivers.

As seen from the figures above, the aluminium stands are laser marked with the screwdriver descriptions and customers have the option to engrave their company logo and name on the stand.

Screwdriver Adapter

The third and final component to the universal screwdriver kit is the adapter used to house the screwdrivers. This adapter comes in a few sizes and is compatible with all the screwdrivers and certain torque wrenches.

Screwdriver Kit Add-ons

Finally, PartMaker also provides certain add-ons that are compatible with the universal screwdriver kit. These add-ons, while not necessary, are available to customers to improve their user experience.

End note

PartMaker continues to strive towards excellence for its customers, and we hope that this universal implant screwdriver kit is just one of the ways we can satisfy this criteria. Our Universal implant screwdriver kit can be purchased at our online store and if there are any enquiries or comments, do feel free to contact us via email or website.

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