Veneer Stands

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A client approached PartMaker looking to manufacture stands for use in a planning and delivery training course for porcelain veneer restorations. The course is provided by CREED CE Porcelain Veneers, and gives a comprehensive workflow of the veneer process utilising a diverse range of resources, of which include a bur and veneer holding stand called The Versa.

As the veneer stand is a proprietary design by CREED CE Porcelain Veneers, custom manufacturing work is needed, and much discussion was had between the client and the team at PartMaker to decide on how to best approach the manufacturing that still meets the functional requirements of the stands. It was determined that the veneer stands would be milled with PartMaker’s CNC machines out of aluminium. The stands would also be anodised and laser engraved with the client’s logo.

This is just one the many examples of the high-end custom work that is done in the PartMaker workshop. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us at

PartMaker is a manufacturing company that makes custom dental solutions such as custom screws, abutments, LOCATOR® compatible parts, and many more for different systems to service the specific needs of clients and customers. This experience with a wide range of custom products gives PartMaker an upper hand in developing innovative solutions to unique problems.  

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