Workshop Improvements

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In recent times, as part of the process to improve our workflow and production, PartMaker dedicated resources to make various improvements to the workshop. This included setting up additional dedicated workspace, dedicated stations for production processes and improving our facilities.

A big part of the workshop improvements was to remake the factory flooring. This was due to a defect in the previous flooring that caused it to shrink over time. This defect resulted in the leakage of oil and liquid between the crevices in the flooring which was difficult to clean.

We then decided to remove the old flooring as seen in Figure 1 and prepare for a new flooring to be laid down. The new material selected was vinyl and was laid down after the floor was ground till it was smooth.

As seen in Figure 2, the vinyl flooring was cut and laid piece by piece and glued to the floor. Redoing the factory floor also gave us the opportunity to clean out old furniture and rearrange the positions of various machines in the factory.

Figure 3 and 4 depicts the change in flooring in the front office. The old carpet was removed in exchange for an easy to clean and visually appealing flooring that helped to brighten the front office.

After the vinyl floor was successfully laid down, the lathes and mills were rearranged to different positions with the help of a forklift as depicted in Figure 5 . This was so that they would be in positions that would be most convenient for our operators to simplify the workflow.

Additionally, dedicated work spaces were set up as seen in Figure 6 and Figure 7. Work spaces set up for the drawing and laser marking allowed all of us to have a clearer idea of the current stage our projects are in. This enabled us to streamline our processes and greatly increased our productivity.

Final Thoughts

PartMaker continues to improve its facilities and workflow so we can provide an improved customer experience! Stay tuned to our blogs for more updates on the comings and goings at PartMaker.

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