PartMaker helps with world’s first 3D printed jaw

By |Published On: 30 April 2020|1.3 min read|Views: 66|

PartMaker strives to provide unique dental solutions in the form of custom dental parts for all manner of cases. One such case was done in collaboration with Dr George Dimitroulis and Dr Chris Hart back in 2018.

Back in 2018, 31-year old Anelia Myburgh is a jaw cancer survivor that unfortunately lost 80% of the upper section of her jaw to cancer. This resulted in a disability that severely affected her day to day life.

Ms Myburgh first reached out to Dr George Dimitroulis for help and PartMaker was instrumental in providing some of the necessary parts to reconstruct her jaw to give her the quality of life she deserves.

The surgery was successful, fitting Anelia with a customised 3D printed jaw consisting of a titanium frame. Ms Myburgh looks forward to sinking her teeth into a juicy burger after this and PartMaker is proud to be a part of this successful effort!

Here is a short video that gives a brief overview of the situation and its outcome.

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